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Facilitating Smart Growth

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“It was a very informative training. It has allowed me to reflect all that I have learnt towards myself, the people around me and the organisation I work for.”


ITD has developed training through participation practices that empower learners with knowledge that work. Such knowledge is based on sound theories, contextualised to the work environment of our learners, enabling them to put ideas into practice in their workplaces. We employ several strategies to ensure that our training programmes provide cutting edge employee development opportunities that will support and accelerate the benefits gained from attending the training programmes.

The learning design that is followed by ITD aims at encouraging interactive, experiential and self-directed learning. Our learning design is focused on building skills, knowledge and experience.

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“Your impact on the minds of people cannot be valued in monetary terms … but the difference it makes for the individual is bigger than we always recognise in our organisation. Be proud of your ITD team's contribution on our change journey!”



Long-term sustainable business performance is dependent on the ability of the 
organisation to anticipate and respond to changes in its environment, to develop a sound strategy for value creation and to align strategy, tactics and operations for successful delivery. 

The development of an organisation requires a holistic approach, and an integrative view on the key drivers and enablers of long-term success. ITD’s approach is grounded in the development of a thorough understanding of these drivers, from multiple perspectives, including people, processes and systems.

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“I would like to use the opportunity to thank every one of you for your contribution on the success of the project. Your contribution is much appreciated! It has been a privilege to work with such a committed team and we would like to do so again in future. Big thanks from my side!”


ITD’s preferred approach to doing research is an interpretive approach, which primarily focuses on qualitative data. Within this approach, the purpose is not to verify hypotheses but to understand people’s experiences and the meaning that they have made pertaining
to the ITD interventions in which they participated.

As a result of ITD’s engagement with several organisations, we have access to a big data base relevant to the organisational development, training and coaching services which ITD have delivered to our clients. ITD uses this data to engage in work-based research into our own
leading practices for organisational development and education. The focus is on compiling a repertoire of leading practices which have the quality of flexibility to adapt to the unique context of each client organisation over a period of time, for a particular outcome.

"A satisfied client is the best business strategy of all..."

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