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Facilitating Smart Growth

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ITD aims at empowering learners with knowledge that supports development of skills. Such knowledge is based on sound theories and contextualised to the work environment of our learners, enabling them to put ideas into practice in their workplaces.

Our training programmes lay the foundation for the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities across various sectors, industries and occupations. All training programmes (courses) that are credit-bearing are aligned with SAQA. The training manuals used by ITD are NQF based. For more detail on our accredited training courses please refer to e-campus section. ITD also develops non-credit-bearing courses that are custom-made for the specific context and needs of our clients.


Training includes assessments that reinforce the learning content. The on-the-job training component of the qualification is enhanced by an internal industry expert i.e. an internal mentor. The internal mentor assesses employees’ work ethic, conduct and understanding of each learning   programme on an ongoing basis with the purpose to enhance the employee’s professional development. 


SETA Accredited Training 

Custom-Made Training   

Experiential & Participatory Training Approach

“It was a very informative training. It has allowed me to reflect all that I have learnt towards myself, the people around me and the organisation I work for.”

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Organisational Development

ITD participates with organisations in their pursuit to improve performance through engaged teams and inspirational leadership. Our goal is to support transformational change where teams perform at their best, individuals are engaged, and leaders are equipped to lead their teams to high performance.

ITD’s approach to support transformative change is grounded in the development of a thorough understanding of the drivers and enablers of long-term success, from multiple perspectives, including people, processes and systems. We follow a collaborative approach to change that entails that those people affected by the changes, participate in the identification, planning and implementation of the changes needed to improve performance.


Our organisational development focus areas include the following:

  • Business Optimisation

  • Strategic Change

  • Human Capital Development

  • Organisational, Group and Interpersonal Process Development



Strategic Change Partners

Transformative Change Management

Collaborative & Participatory Engagement   

“Your impact on the minds of people cannot be valued in monetary terms … but the difference it makes for the individual is bigger than we always recognise in our organisation. Be proud of your ITD team's contribution on our change journey!”

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ITD provides research solutions aimed at supporting organisations to make informed, contextually-relevant decisions. Our goal is to provide decision-makers with in-time, in-depth data upon which decisions for change interventions can be built. 

Applying sound research methodologies, we customize our research solutions according to the needs of our clients and the context in which the research is conducted. After concluding the research with a thorough research report, support is offered to our clients in understanding how the results can be used in determining the next steps for change interventions aimed at improved performance.



Research Design

Data Collection

Data Analysis


Strategic Recommendations 

“I would like to use the opportunity to thank every one of you for your contribution on the success of the project. Your contribution is much appreciated! It has been a privilege to work with such a committed team and we would like to do so again in future. Big thanks from my side!”

"Always deliver more than what is


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